Humanizing the ICU

In this brief Healthy Dialogues talk, I explore the reasons why dehumanization is so common in the ICU and how we can begin to restore the humanity of patients in the ICU.

ABC4 Discussion about Valley of Shadows

In this ABC4 interview, I start to lay the groundwork for some of the work we are doing at the Center for Humanizing Critical Care and described in the book.

Ending visitation restrictions improves satisfaction in the ICU

Our work to humanize the ICU continues to bear fruit as work led by Diane Chapman is published in AJCC, the premier journal of critical care nursing. We’re grateful for the attention this study has generated and eager to continue to see improvements in real partnership among clinicians, patients, and families in the ICU.

Interview with Kirk Caudle of the Mormon Book Review

In this interview, Kirk Caudle of the Mormon Book Review interviews me about In Heaven. We discuss communal salvation, early American ideas about salvation, Freemasonry and Mormon temple worship.

Marshall Poe interview, New Books in History

Marshall Poe interviewed me about In Heaven for his New Books Network flagship channel, New Books in History.

Positive review in Books & Culture

Professor John Turner reviews In Heaven in the Sept/Oct issue of Books & Culture:

In Heaven merits a broad readership that stretches beyond the confines of both Mormonism and academia.

MHA Best First Book 2012

We are pleased to announce that In Heaven received the Best First Book Award from the Mormon History Association at the meeting in Calgary, AB this past weekend.

Capener interview now archived

The Utah Conversations Interview with Ted Capener is now available via the KUED web archive. An audio-only feed is also available.

On Mormon temple secrecy

In a piece for Huffington Post, I begin a response to John Sweeney’s attempt to construct Mormons as a cult in a recent documentary.

Utah Conversations with Ted Capener, April 22, 2012 5.30-6.00 pm MT

An interview with Ted Capener about In Heaven will be airing on KUED, channel 7, at 5.30pm on Sunday, April 22.

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