Several academic reviews of In Heaven

Laurie Maffly-Kipp, in “Odysseus in the Underworld,” terms In Heaven “remarkably deft work of scholarship” that “offers a rich and compelling view of early Mormonism.”

Jan Shipps describes the “sustained and learned argument” in the book that “provides the best explanation of Mormon temple worship ever published” in her review in Journal of American History.

Susanna Morrill describes In Heaven as a “clearly written and brilliantly conceived work” in her review in Reviews in American History.

Church History Review of In Heaven

Dr. David Howlett calls In Heaven a “remarkable” book that “transforms how historians can understand…early Mormonism” in his review in Church History.

IJMS Review

A glowing review just released in the International Journal of Mormon Studies: “Sam Brown is one of the brightest minds in Mormon Studies at the moment.”

Positive review in Books & Culture

Professor John Turner reviews In Heaven in the Sept/Oct issue of Books & Culture:

In Heaven merits a broad readership that stretches beyond the confines of both Mormonism and academia.

Gracious endorsement on MSH blog

Mormon Scholars in the Humanities had kind words to say about In Heaven.

Patheos: “Sorry, Grim Reaper–Families are Forever”

Ben Park at Patheos writes,

All historians of early Mormon thought must come to terms with Samuel Brown’s remarkable scholarship, which should prove to be foundational for all future work on Joseph Smith. Exhaustively research, creatively imagined, and powerfully written, In Heaven as it is on Earth is prime evidence for the maturation of Mormon Studies.

Religion in American History

At the Religion in American History blog, historian John G. Turner praised In Heaven as “a rich and persuasive reinterpretation of Joseph Smith’s most significant theological and ritual innovations.”

CW Pick for City Weekly

City Weekly has a very gracious review and designated the book a “CW Pick”:

In Heaven is “compelling new book” and “a detailed piece of social history.”

Brad Kramer at BCC

Brad Kramer’s highly complimentary review at BCC:

With apologies to all the relevant parties, this is quite simply the best work on early Mormonism yet published.

Starred Review, Publishers Weekly

In this groundbreaking and important volume, Brown . . . delves deeply into the many streams of thought that informed Smith’s formulation of the life hereafter. . . . a masterful look at this intriguing aspect of the Mormon worldview. This is must reading for students of the American religious tradition.

Publishers Weekly .

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