Samuel Brown graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College in Linguistics with a minor in Russian, then received his MD from Harvard Medical School, where he was a National Scholar and Massachusetts Medical Society Scholar. He completed residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he remained on faculty as an Instructor in General Medicine at Harvard Medical School before moving to the University of Utah, where he completed fellowship training. He is Associate Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Medical Ethics and Humanities at the University of Utah, based clinically at the Shock Trauma ICU at Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

Dr. Brown uses advanced statistical methods to study two main sets of problems: heart dysfunction during life-threatening infection and the human side of intensive care. His physiological research incorporates ultrasound images of the heart and complex analysis of heart rate and blood pressure to understand better how to prevent death from sepsis. Dr. Brown also merges quantitative and qualitative/humanistic approaches to making medicine human through the Center for Humanizing Critical Care, which he founded and directs at Intermountain Medical Center. The Center works to improve the outcomes that matter most to patients and families and to develop systems of care that best protect the human dignity of patients and families as they face life-threatening illness. On occasional free weekends, he studies cultural history, with a particular emphasis on questions of embodiment, sickness, and death. He has published widely in medicine, ethics, and history.

Banner image is of Mount Mkinwartsveri (Kazbek), with the Church of St. Mary foreground left, image © Samuel Brown 2000