Through the Valley of Shadows: Living Wills, Intensive Care, and Making Medicine Human (Oxford, 2016) provides a careful analysis and manifesto for reform of modern intensive care that acknowledges the human realities experienced by those who participate in modern critical care.

In Heaven as It Is on Earth: Joseph Smith and the Early Mormon Conquest of Death (Oxford, 2012) explains earliest Mormonism from the perspective of founder Joseph Smith’s near-obsession with death. When approached from this perspective many of the unusual or striking aspects of earliest Mormonism begin to make sense, allowing outsiders and insiders a refreshing new look at a much-discussed but poorly understood religious tradition.

Translation of Aleksandr Men‘s Son of Man (Oakwood, 1998). Men was a reformer within Russian Orthodoxy, murdered in 1990. Son of Man was his attempt to introduce post-Soviet Russians to the biography of Christ.

First Principles and Ordinances: the Fourth Article of Faith in Light of the Temple (Maxwell Institute, 2014) is a devotional book for Latter-day Saints that introduces a Mormon relational theology.

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