In Heaven as It Is on Earth: Joseph Smith and the Early Mormon Conquest of Death (Oxford, forthcoming 2012) explains earliest Mormonism from the perspective of founder Joseph Smith’s near-obsession with death. When approached from this perspective many of the unusual or striking aspects of earliest Mormonism begin to make sense, allowing outsiders and insiders a refreshing new look at a much-discussed but poorly understood religious tradition.

Translation of Aleksandr Men‘s Son of Man (Oakwood, 1998). Men was a reformer within Russian Orthodoxy, murdered in 1990. Son of Man was his attempt to introduce post-Soviet Russians to the biography of Christ.

First Principles and Ordinances: the Fourth Article of Faith in Light of the Temple is a devotional book for Latter-day Saints that introduces a Mormon relational theology.

Banner image is of Mount Mkinwartsveri (Kazbek), with the Church of St. Mary foreground left, image © Samuel Brown 2000