“Sexuality and Embodiment,” coauthored with Kate Holbrook, forthcoming in Terryl Givens and Philip Barlow, eds., Oxford Handbook to Mormonism (forthcoming, Oxford University Press), an exploration of official and folk theologies of embodiment and sexuality within the Mormon tradition, with special emphasis on eternal sexuality, food and the body, dress and sexualization of the body, and courtship and marriage.

Enhancing Evolution: Posthumanous Dreams and the Moral Complexity of Biomedical Aspirations,” BYU Studies 48:2 (Fall 2009): 41-49, a review essay incorporating criticism of John Harris’s provocative (and ultimately flawed) manifesto for medical enhancement technologies, Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making Better People.

Encounters with Orthodoxy: Alexander Men, Modern Martyr, an essay at BCC Papers reflecting on my experience as a college student translating the magnum opus of a famous Orthodox reformer murdered in 1990.

Death in the Latter-day Saint Tradition, a brief essay for Patheos.

Banner image is of Mount Mkinwartsveri (Kazbek), with the Church of St. Mary foreground left, image © Samuel Brown 2000