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“Believing Adoption,” BYU Studies 52:2 (2013): 45-66.

“Reconsidering Lucy Mack Smith’s Folk Magic Confession,” Mormon Historical Studies 13:1/2 (Spring-Fall 2012): 1-12.

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“Joseph (Smith) in Egypt: Babel, Hieroglyphs, and the Pure Language of Eden,” Church History 78:1 (March 2009): 26-65, excerpted in “Lessons of Babel,” The Wilson Quarterly (Summer 2009), winner of the Mormon History Association’s 2009 T. Edgar Lyon Award for best article in Mormon Studies.

(with Matthew Bowman) “The Reverend Buck’s Theological Dictionary and the Struggle to Define American Evangelicalism, 1802-1851,” Journal of the Early Republic 29:3 (Fall 2009): 441-473.

“The Translator and the Ghostwriter: Joseph Smith and W.W. Phelps,” Journal of Mormon History 34:1 (Winter 2008): 26-62, winner of the Mormon History Association’s J. Talmage Jones Award of Excellence for 2008, reprinted in revised form in Stephen Taysom, ed., Dimensions of Faith: A Mormon Studies Reader (Signature Books, forthcoming 2010).

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“A Sacred Code: Mormon Temple Dedications, 1836-2000.” Journal of Mormon History 32:2 (Summer 2006): 173-196.

“The Prophet Elias Puzzle,” Dialogue 39:3 (Fall 2006): 1-17.

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